Recent Post Production Work – AXA Graduate Films

Weave Creative was recently commissioned for post production work on six films to appear on the AXA Graduates Scheme website :

The theme of the films was ‘Add your colour’ and looked at three graduates working at AXA. Both a Profile film and a Talking Heads animated film were required for each graduate. Swift Films directed and produced the films which were filmed on location and against green screen. With the Profile films we removed colour from the scene, leaving only colour on the graduate. When they came into contact with an object, colour was bled back onto the object, making the graduate the source of colour. To create this effect we used roto-scoping and masking techniques along with various isolating colour effects. The Talking Heads films were motion graphics based. We dropped the text and footage into 3D space and moved the camera around per section. We treated the text to give it a hand drawn animated look and also added motion to individualize the text on screen.