Free After Effects Preset – DocuCam

UPDATE: We have replaced this preset with weaveCam – The one-click camera rig script.

You can find more details and download link here:…ick-camera-rig/

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Need a handheld camera for After effects? Docucam is an After Effects preset loosely based on the excellent Docucam in CS Tools for C4D. The preset simulates handheld camera moves and more…



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How to use:

  1. Create your Comp
  2. Add a Camera
  3. Add a Null Object and rename to something like ‘Cam Pos’
  4. Make the Null Object a 3D object
  5. Parent the Camera to the Null
  6. Add the DocuCam preset to the Null Object.



X Banking, Y Banking, Tilt

Adjust the tilt and banking of the camera.

Motion – Amplitude

The amount of movement up, down and side to side

Motion – Freq

How often the camera sways

X Rotate, Y Rotate, Z Rotate

Add rotation to the sway

Follow Layer

When checked the camera will follow a 3D layer (sway motion switched off)

Which Layer

Which 3D layer the Camera should follow [/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end]

Follow Delay

The amount of delay the camera should have when following a 3D layer

Snap Zoom

Check this box to switch snap zooms on

Snap Zoom Amount

How far to zoom in and out

Snap – In (secs)

When you would like the camera to zoom in

Snap – Out (secs)

When to zoom back out Note: If you don’t want to zoom back out set this to a couple of seconds after the composition’s duration

Snap Speed

How quickly the camera should zoom in [/wpcol_1half_end] Enjoy! [download id=”4″ format=”2″] Disclaimer – We give no warranties or representations concerning this preset, and accept no liability in relation to the use of this preset in your projects.